The Ugly Five

Author: Julia Donaldson

Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

First Published: 2017

“Who’s this funny – looking bunch

of animals?  They’re gangly, warty,

bumpy, bristly, spotty, stinky – and

totally irresistable!”

Another amazing book from Julia Donaldson.  I love the way the words jus flow in this book, making it such an easy read that soon becomes fast paced and exciting for children.  For me personally I loved the ending and it teaches us adults that despite all of our flaws our children see us a beautiful because we are their parents!

The boys loved all the animals that were featured and it was great that they started asking questions about the different animals. Jude’s favourite moment from the book is where the illustration shows all the bay animals peeping out looking at the adults.  The illustration in this book is just perfect and led us onto lots of questions about life in the safari.

Our book shelf is fast becoming full of Julia Donaldson books, with the ease of reading, the fun storylines and the amazing illustrations who can resist?