I’m sure sharon needs no introducing and any Sizzix fans out there will recognise the name from Hochanda!

I first met Sharon about 6 years ago although when I say met we only knew each other online.  In 2012 we were both chosen to be on the first ever Design Team for Docrafts.  I think for both of that was a huge step into the Creative Industry.

We didn’t actually meet in person until a few years later at the NEC.  We hit it off really well and met up again in Peterborough when we were both there working.  From there a really great friendship grew and Sharon is not only a great friend but like my secret PA! Seriously this woman could organise anyone!! She is one of those lovely friends that reminds me I need to do important stuff.

I have spent a few crazy weekends with this funny lady on craft and art retreats and seriously we have laughed until we cried!

I love everything about Sharon work.  I love the clean and simple style and I absolutely adore what she is doing with the Sizzix dies!


How long have you been crafting and what crafts do you specialise in?

I’ve been crafting since 2002, although before that I did quite a lot of drawing and painting.   My card making started really when my sister asked me to make all her wedding stationery, and once I had bought the supplies to do that, I started using them to make cards, and it just went from there!

Meet The Maker

When did it become a career rather than a hobby?

In 2012 I won Card Designer of the Year in Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine.  Aside from winning a HUGE box of craft supplies, I became a paid member of the magazine design team for a year.   Once the year was up they asked if I would continue, and I still design for them now (along with a few other magazines).

Meet The Maker

Tell us about your style and what inspires you

My style is fairly clean and simple, but not so simple I stick to single layers – I like to add dimension and texture to my cards, but without making them too fussy.  Lots of things inspire me – I do look at lots of cards on Instagram and Pinterest and other designers always spark ideas in my head, but I also get a lot of inspiration from home decor photographs, especially for colour schemes.

Meet The Maker

You recently started working with Sizzix, guest presenting on Hochanda.  How does that feel?

It really is a dream come true!   When I first started card making, the first products I bought were Sizzix, and over the years I’ve had every single new Big Shot that has been released.  I also learnt all the basic techniques, such as heat embossing, from watching craft television, so to be the other side of the camera, and standing in that studio that I’ve seen on my television so many times is quite a strange experience!

Meet The Maker

This is a difficult one … What is your favorite craft product?

My Big Shot of course!  And second to that, a product I simply could not be without is my craft pick because I can’t get the backing off my double sided tape without it!!

Meet The Maker

Please tell us about your amazing crafty space!

I am really lucky to finally have a dedicated space for my crafting.  After years of taking over the small spare bedroom is so nice to have an area that is just mine.   It’s a summerhouse in the garden that is insulated and double glazed so I can use it all year round, and I’ve been able to design every single element with my crafting in mind – so I have power sockets exactly where I want them, space for all the storage I need etc.   It took my two years to save up the money to get it, and during that time I was constantly dreaming and planning, so it was just fantastic when I finally got it finished.  It really makes me happy to be in there, and when I’m away from home I really miss it!

Meet The Maker

Do you have any exciting plans for 2018 that you can share with us?

I’m really excited about 2018.  Having just started my Sizzix adventure I can’t wait to see what the year holds, and I’m looking forward to doing lots more shows on HOCHANDA.  I’m also really hoping to find the time to put together some videos on my craft space and storage ideas because that’s something I’m a little obsessed with!

Meet The Maker

Where can we find you and follow you on social media?

My blog is http://www.glitterangel.typepad.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sharon.curtis.923

Instagram: sharon_curtis1