Title: Room On The Broom

Author: Julia Donaldson

Illustrator: Axell Scheffler

First Published: 2001

“The witch had a cat and a very tall hat

And long ginger hair which she wore in a plait

How the cat purred and how the witch grinned

As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind.”

This is one of our go to books!  If Noah gets to choose a book this will often be the book he returns with.

The illustrations are really good fun, even down to the expression on the characters faces.  The colours are so vibrant but the dark backgrounds create a dramatic effect which is perfect when reading about a witch.

I find reading this book Really easy (Yes I am an adult and yes I can read, but I mean in the way the words flow).  It is a great book to read at the end of the day when everyone is a little bit tired.

The interaction I get from the children is great because each section the end line is repeated and so they soon get to know what sentence is coming and love to be able to finish it off.

The dragon at the end always adds to the excitement and never fails to put a smile on the boys faces.

This is definitely one of our favourites.