This seems a perfect time to start a new idea I recently had, where each week I will document it with photographs.  Let’s face it I have 1,000’s of them on my phone so I might as well make use of them somehow and it will be great to look back on in years to come.

Why do I spend the days leading up to Christmas panic cleaning?  It’s like everything has to be perfect!  I clean in places I didn’t even know existed!  Maybe it is to find all those missing Lego pieces from the year before.  I know this is a total waste of valuable time because by 6am on Christmas morning it is like a hurricane has ripped through the house and left a trail of (matching) Christmas wrapping paper everywhere.


The beginning of the hurricane of (matching) Christmas paper started right here with the stocking opening.  I am so lucky to have the boys at a perfect age where every magical thing about Christmas exists.  It is simply the best day of the year for them and despite finding it a hard one this year for them the day was perfect in every way.

I am literally surrounded my gadget geeks everyday.  Mr. S is probably the biggest geek going followed very closely by my 2 mini geeks who have Minecraft down to a fine art!  Christmas Day dinner was spent out at the Beefeater this year and despite my reservations about it, the food, service and general atmosphere was amazing.  What do I really love about this photo?  It totally sums up Noah!  Despite all the new toys he is busy watching LDShadowLady, otherwise known as Lizzy who he has a huge crush on because not only is she as cool as you can be in your 20’s she is also a total Minecraft Whizz.  I’m all for a quiet life and I know without this iPad waiting for lunch to be served by a tired 3 year old would have been living hell!

Bear – my poor cat who I bought for Mr.S the day he had his vasectomy as a way to celebrate no more children!  I’m not sure why he wasn’t looking too happy when I turned up with a cute kitten whilst he hobbled around the house feeling sorry for himself!  What I really feel sorry for is poor Bear!  Of all the houses to end up in he ended up here where he is cuddled to death on an hourly basis and takes to hiding in the bath to escape the noise!  Here he was dressed in a paper hat from a cracker – Point made!

Poor Noah who is one of those unfortunate people born between Christmas and New Year.  Of course knowing no different he thinks it’s a totally normal thing to have a birthday 3 days after Christmas and have a flurry of new toys arrive for the second time in a week!

Jude’s new Doc Martens he had for Christmas.  I saw these and couldn’t resist them!  Mt brother has worn Doc Martens for as long as I can remember so here is Jude carrying on the family tradition!

Kids Doc Martens

I’m not one for going out on New Years Eve, mainly because I love being home in the warm and this year was no exception.  We celebrated in style with milkshake straws!

New Years Eve