A new year and a whole 52 weeks ahead of photographs.

Christmas and New Year are over which can only mean one thing … back to work.  Even though I love my job I still had that back to work feeling last night but as soon as I stepped into my office this morning I felt super positive and excited for the year ahead.

A Week In Pictures

And just like I had to go back to work Jude was back to school! I’m unsure of the reason but he insisted on crafting his own crown to wear to school!  I suppose every little Prince needs a crown!

A Week In Pictures

This school year Jude has to do 10 – 15 minutes of homework a night.  It can vary between timetables, spellings, writing and reading.  This photograph showed how we used buttons to learn the 3 times table and I have to say it worked amazingly well, it kept Jude focused and within 15 minutes he had his 3 times table perfect.  Noah was happily making patterns from the bottoms left over.


From primary school to secondary school.  I cannot believe Alice is already at the stage where she is choosing her GCSE options!  There are so many fabulous choices, so much so I was tempted to sign up myself and start to learn another language!

Daddy puts Noah to bed and pops to Sainsburys.  Within 10 minutes he is wide awake again and playing on the sofa hiding from Daddy when he gets back! How can I refuse such a cute face!

My new Happy Planner arrived today and I am in love!  Actually I am waiting for another one to turn up as this one is more for memory keeping and the other is to use as my actual planner.  I just love pretty things made from paper!