A room in the loft

Two years ago we outgrew our home but decided rather than move we would add another room.  The only way to do it was to build up so we sacrificed our loft!  Let me tell you this was no easy task! We had both been married before so as you can imagine when we moved in together we had 2 of everything and what do you do with stuff you don’t use?  That’s right you chuck in the loft to worry about some other time!

It took weeks to sort through it all and in the end most of it was gone.  What wasn’t gone was put into the already over crowded under-house storage.  Doing this has had a huge knock on effect to the whole house as a new staircase had to go in, a loft hatch had to disappear and that isn’t even going into the details of the builder falling through the living room ceiling! Anyway after months of work it was finally done and I am so pleased we did it even if it will take the next 5 years getting the house straight again.

Since it was finished it has seen a few different styles, mainly because I chose to have the whole room painted white which gives me a totally blank canvas to work on.  Just lately I have changed it again.

I love bedding in fact I think I am a little bit addicted to it.  I cannot resisted a pretty duvet cover.  I dread to think how many I have bought and they range from some rather pricey Jules ones to some very inexpensive Primark ones and I am going to be totally honest and say the Primark ones beet the others by miles.  I love the funky designs but more than that I love that they don’t need to be ironed when you wash them,  They come out of the dryer looking exactly like they did when they went in!

A room in the loft

Not only do they save me from the evil iron but you can pretty much guarantee that along with the bedding you can find all the accessories to match and there is nothing I love more than things that match!

Storage was always going to be an issue when it came to a loft room because of the way the roof slopes and I the end we got a carpenter to come in a build some cupboards and drawers.

A room in the loft A room in the loft

In between the storage we had a space built for the TV as being married to a technology geek means we need technology in every room!

A room in the loft

Because I have … lets just say quite a lot of clothes I still needed more storage as they key to a tidy house is storage.  So fo course it was Ikea to the rescue and the trusty Malm unit found a place.

A room in the loft

As you can see I went for a rustic looking floor as I wanted to keep it all quite light but this took away the starkness that a totally white floor would create.

The only thing left was a dressing table and somewhere to store all my make up – Yep you guessed it I love make up too!  This week I was really lucky to find this little shelf unit in Sainsbury’s and it was only £16 so I know have all my make up in order.

A room in the loft

It is perfect because I can also give it a good clean as I do tend to get make up hands everywhere! I also have a white one of these in the bathroom.

A room in the loft

The dressing table was from TK Maxx, another of my favourite places.  It is the perfect size for the space and quite slim so doesn’t take up too much room.

Finally I needed some mirrors and these spotty ones from Ikea again fitted perfectly into the space and were a little bit quirky!

A room in the loft

I am really pleased with how it has turned out and the beauty of having the white blank canvas means that I can change the decor easily as my mood takes me!

Primark – Bedding, throw, cushions

Ikea – Bed, bedside tables, drawer unit, mirrors

TK Maxx Dressing Table, door handles

Sainsbury’s Make up shelf unit