I decided this year I would like to decorate the house for Halloween! I wanted to create a tree to hang decorations from and one that we can add to each year. I didn’t want a perfect looking tree, instead I wanted a mixture of different sized branches. Luckily for me Jude has forest school once a week so whilst picking him up I managed to collect lots of branches.

I’ll be honest, Jude wasn’t overly impressed having to share the car with a ton of branches!  However I got them home in one piece! (The kids and the branches)

Halloween Tree

It was an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday so we made the most of it and set out to create the first part of our Halloween tree.

Because the branches were so large I picked up a large pot from Homebase.  It was only about £4 but it is perfect for what I had in mind.  Along with the pot we picked up some concrete too.      Halloween Tree

At this point I handed over the reins to Mr.S as he is much better at concrete and ‘outdoor’ stuff than me! To keep all the branched together we used some strong garden twine and wrapped it around all the branches, adding more each time.

Halloween Tree

The pot is quite large so rather than fill it with concrete we added some rocks to the base before filling with the concrete.

Then the branches were placed into the pot before the concrete was added.

 All that was left to do was add the water to the concrete and leave it to set.

I have left it overnight to dry and later I am hoping to decorate the pot which I will do in the next post.

Here is what you will need to create the steps so far:

  • Large Branches
  • Large Pot
  • Rocks
  • Concrete
  • Twine
  • Water

I will leave you with this picture and I’m sure anyone with young children will also ask this question… Why do kids feel the need to put their heads in buckets or buckets on their heads???

Halloween Tree