It is that time of the year again when the darling children come home from school the night before the Easter parade informing you they need a hat by morning! It happens every year in this house, you would think I would be prepared for it by now!

Well that is exactly what happened here and thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest I soon had this whipped up.

Luckily for me the local fruit and veg shop had some fabulous carrots (If there is such a thing) with the tops still on.  We simply covered a regular Easter bonnet with the greenery from the top and then using craft wire attached the carrots.

No Easter bonnet would be complete without a fluffy bunny so the poor thing was also attached using craft wire! Of course being a creative designer I had to add some ribbon around the carrots and a big bow to decorate the front!

And here is Alice wearing the finished piece!  Not sure who had more fun me or her!!

So now that is complete it is now the Easter holidays and the children are home for the next couple of weeks.  Lets hope we get some sunshine or we will all be going stir crazy by day three!