Hi everybody!  Todays guest post is by Kerry Goodman, owner of Scrapbookerry.  To find out more please visit Scrapbookerry.

I am 32, live near the coast with my other half Mr L, soon to be hubby, our 4 year old and two dogs, rabbit, hamster and African Snail. I started Scrapbooking 8 years ago regularly and after years of being asked to make THAT ALBUM YOU MAKE by friends and family I set up Scrapbookerry in 2011. I love being able to make peoples memories and special moments alive again in photo safe albums, mini albums, and keepsakes that are made at Scrapbookerry. I make everything as if it were my first item and put as much love and attention into the items as if they were all made just for me.


Scrapbooking and Me

I never went looking for Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking found me I would say.

When I was younger I got an exercise book from a friend for one of my birthdays. Inside the book, there were quotes, little funny postcards and lyrics to all of our favourite songs. It seemed the perfect thing to add our letters to each other and to put in lots of pictures of all our friends together while at parties in our teenage years. Some photos were just put straight in and some were cut to fit in the tiny space left from quotes or lyrics already on the page.

Without realising I had, with a little help from one of my best friends, made my very first scrapbook.

I loved this idea and really wanted to do another book like this. I did search and search but at the time the only thing I could find was in America, being still at school it got put to the side to be honest and I didn’t really think about it again.

Christmas in a DayOne thing that did happen was I got into photography. I had numerous cameras, ranging from a Polaroid up to being one of the first of us to get a digital camera. I never had them for long, maybe a year at the most as I was always looking for the next great camera. I was always the one that took my camera out and would be taking picture after picture after picture. There was something about recording our days out, evenings out and just general day to day life that I loved. I loved being able to look at these pictures and remember these moments whenever I wanted to, and started to grow a serious collection of pictures.

Scrapbookerry Photo #3

Then 8 years ago I got invited to a party, it was a scrapbooking party and a friend was selling scrapbooking supplies. As soon as I walked into the party I realised this is what I was looking for all those many moons ago.

I made one page at this party and signed up to be a consultant a week later, and have not looked back since then.

I get so much enjoyment from Scrapbooking, I find it relaxing and I love to sit and record the special moments, the special days out and the normal silly moments that happen in our day to day life.

Scrapbookerry Photo #2

I don’t want our family pictures to deteriorate; I don’t want people not to know who people are in our family. There are numerous pictures in my mum’s pile of photos, where she thinks they are us, or they could be one of our cousins. 40 and 30 years down the line she really can’t remember.

There are lots of people holding us and we are not 100% sure who everyone is, and after our Nan died we got a big batch of pictures that no one knows who anyone is in the pictures. It is really sad, as they were obviously important to our Nan she kept them for many years, but because there is no name on them, no place on them and no year we now have them and they mean nothing. But no one has the heart to throw them away as they meant something to Nan but mean nothing to us.

Scrapbookerry Photo #1

I don’t want that to happen!

I want our memories to be passed down and our grandchildren to know who are in the pictures, which is what I really love about Scrapbooking.

It isn’t about making the pictures lovely and editing them to their last legs, it isn’t even about making the pictures pretty for me, (although that is a massive bonus) Scrapbooking for me is making sure that our children never have a picture that they don’t know who is holding them. That they don’t have a pile of photos and have no clue why they were so important to us.

Making a Basic Scrapbook Page

Photos can tell you a lot about someone, and it isn’t always just about the pictures, it’s the map of the walk you have taken. The tickets to the show you have been to, and the journaling about your feelings, the laughs, the sayings and the silly quotes that someone who has been out with you has made.

Scrapbooking allows you to have the whole story in front of you and that is what I love.

I just want to thank Kerry for her fantastic post!