This weekend has been spent sorting out my craft room.  Like many crafters I have far too much paper!!  In fact I would go as far as to say I have an obsession!  So when the opportunity arose to purchase a 60 tray paper stand I jumped at the chance.  The only problem was in order to fit it into my craft room I would need to buy a new workspace!!  Oh Dear!!

Here is my lovely new paper stand looking rather gorgeous with all the colourful paper!  Please note the gorgeous wreath that my lovely friend Lisa made for me last week. How pretty is that?

Craft Room Photo #1

Next is my new work space that my husband lovingly built over the weekend, even though he is still recovering from an operation on his arm!!  Bless him!!  Please excuse the garden, it is work in progress!!

Craft Room Photo #2

These  are my units that came from the wonderful Ikea, these were bought last year when I started to out grow a normal size cupboard!

Craft Room Photo #3 Craft Room Photo #4

And of course a view inside each cupboard!!
These are all my ribbons, cutting machines and party stuff!
Craft Room Photo #5
This cupboard is all the items I have bought over the years with the view to alter!!
Craft Room Photo #6
More paper and blank cards.
Craft Room Photo #7
This cupboard is full of stamps and inks.
Craft Room Photo #8
And this one is where I keep all my essential tools I use everyday, my promarkers and flexmarkers  and my binders full of inspiration.
Craft Room Photo #9
So there you have it my little crafty haven!! The best part is that it is attached to the kitchen so I am close to coffee making facilities and cakes at all times!!