KatieI was born in Plymouth in 1978 after my parents had consumed too much homemade peach wine 9 months previous to this!  Of course is where my love for all things homemade came from! I was totally unplanned and as a child neither shared my older sisters love of learning or my brothers brain for learning! I did however love to create things from a very young age!

After leaving college I went on to become a sales & marketing in the Orthopaedic industry.  Throughout this time papercafting was always a hobby of mine.  In 2011 I made a brave choice to give up my job and build Katie Skilton Design.  At this point I had no idea where I was headed.  I did however know where I wanted to be and knew I had the determination to get there!

I am now a city girl living in a country world! (One with very little shops I must add too!  I live in Brixham, Devon with my very patient and calm husband Michael and my four children. Annabelle 14, Alice 11, Jude 3 and Noah 1.

After taking that brave but crazy decision I can now say it is the best thing I ever did! I now run a sucessful business as a full time Creative Designer.   I am lucky enough to design for some of the worlds largest craft companies.  I work with most of the UK craft monthly publications to design projects and write articles.  I travel the world to teach and demonstrate at craft exhibitions and in store.  Often I am working on projects that can’t be seen for months and much of my work is now designing projects for product packing etc but I have total job satisfaction.  I have been elated to be nominated British Card Designer of the year in 2014 and 2015.  As I see it I am the luckiest girl in the world to be working with all the latest products in the industry!

Not only do I have experience in marketing and social media but also have a great knowledge of the craft industry.  I am always looking for the next challenge and if you think I am the girl to work with your craft products I would love to hear from you.