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Today I am handing over my blog as I have a guest post from Do Crafts Creativity Club Manager – Emma Collins.

By Emma Collins

The initial concept for FizzyMilkJelly came about as a result of a cycle that founder Trudy Spikesman was stuck in. Recently described as; “a revolution for the terminally disorganized” I had to find out more…

“I have always been a bit of a personal development junkie and I would buy and read book after book about goal setting, life change, productivity etc. I would feel amazing highs from the material and would create lists of actions to take along with page references from the books – all noted in a pretty notebook. I’d then find a new pretty notebook, stash the old one in a drawer and wonder why I hadn’t experienced the amazing transformations I was anticipating. All that and yet I was successfully keeping up with day to day appointments and ticking through many tasks and projects at work and home.

After then painstakingly drawing lines into a day to page diary, so that I had space to start getting my goal focus into my daily diary … I created the Break The Mould 90 Day Life Energiser Workbook. This was the first product that I launched in 2009.

Beyond the first product, the natural development was to create a range of products to help people to get organised, and to simplify life, so that time is not wasted on life management activities – but on making the most of the time we have to do the things we truly want to be doing.

I love knowing that everything is out of my head and down on paper. I would start to go stir crazy if I had to keep everything stored in my head, or wonder where I could find key information.”

How Can help us busy Crafters?

Well there’s a heap of downloads available to help keep a record of what craft projects you have planned, how much you are spending on the products and a shopping list to keep you focused when you visit your local craft store! You even have a chance to see for yourself. You can grab yourself a 7 day FULL ACCESS trial for just £1.50! Use coupon code 150TRIAL

What is great is that all of this is available online. Download them, Type into them, save them, print them, file them, and write on them!

From a personal note.  I cannot recommend FizzyMilkJelly enough.  I purchased a lifetime membership when it was first launched at the Vitality Show.  I have used the downloads in so many aspects of my life.  As a Sales & Marketing Manager I could keep track of all my appointments, sales and even mileage.  As a parent of 3 children I can keep notes on their development and as a crafter and blogger I keep a note of everything that needs doing!

Simply visit FizzyMilkJelly to see for yourself how it can turn chaos into calm!

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